Tanglewood – A new SEGA Mega Drive Game

30 years have passed since the SEGA Megadrive (Genesis) was unleashed on the gaming public. Strangely, the level of love for the 16 BIT era, dominated by SEGA’s majestic machine and chief rival the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), seems just as strong as it was in the 1990’s, if not stronger.

Nostalgia is undoubtedly a catalyst in this sense of longing for 16 BIT gaming. Staggering sales of Nintendo’s condensed re-release models ‘NES Classic’ and ‘SNES Classic’, however, show that it’s more than just that.

So maybe it’s not so crazy to think about making a new game in 2018 for a console that debuted 30 years ago? That is a view obviously shared by BIG EVIL CORP (great name BTW) and Tanglewood founder Matt Phillips.

More importantly, it is a view shared by the 892 backers on his Kickstarter campaign for the game who have clubbed together to overfund the game and make it a reality. Congratulations to Matt Phillips and congratulations to the 892 who believed in the project and backed it!

So… what’s this game?

Tanglewood is a 16 BIT platform and puzzle game following a cute young creature called Nym on a perilous journey through the realm of Tanglewood.

Nym is unable to get back to underground safety of the family home after being separated from the pack and most negotiate a world that becomes dangerous after dark to evade trap and trick enemies and survive the night terrors.

Tanglewood has been compared to OG Mega Drive / Genesis classics such as ‘Another World’ and ‘The Lion King’. Prestigious company. It also reminds me of SEGA’s flagship Sonic The Hedgehog games when you see Nym spinning into a little fur ball.

A fantastic labour of love project and a beautiful looking game! I can’t wait to try it out.

You can grab yourselves the game on cartridge on BIG EVIL CORP‘s website for £54, or download a digital version for PC through Steam.

If you want to see more check out the trailer below. If you do grab it, leave your thoughts and review scores in the comments!

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