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Walking Dead x 8 Bit Cinema

I used to LOVE the Walking Dead. I read the comic books, was excited for the TV show, and watched it for a good few seasons. They gradually killed my enthusiasm for the series by turning it into a soap with some occasional zombies. The comic books were always more severe, darker, with genuine heart in mouth moments… and I suppose you can get away with that lot easier than you can on mainstream TV.

The Walking Dead comic style
The Walking Dead comic style

I have to admit, I also always battled to resist the urge to colour in the black and white pages of the walking dead comic books. I didn’t want to ruin them… but they also seemed like the best colouring book I had ever owned, itching to be completed with neutral, dreary coloured scenes and splashes of bright red, purple and pink blood and guts!

New life is something that I think the series is crying out for. So it was interesting to hear that 8 Bit Cinema had remagined the first two seasons as an 8 Bit video game!

The Walking Dead 8 Bit - Michonne Slaying
The Walking Dead 8 Bit – Michonne Slaying

It’s fun to see your favourite characters remixed into an 8 Bit style, and to think how fun an RPG like this would have been back in the NES & Master System / SNES and SEGA Megadrive era.

The Walking Dead 8 Bit - Road Kill 1280
The Walking Dead 8 Bit – Road Kill

Check out the video below. Who would be your go-to playable character of choice if this had come out for your SEGA or Nintendo system back in the days? You know Rick Grimes would be the default but I think Michonne or Carl would probably be more fun?

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