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The Last Night

Every now and then at E3, a surprise package comes along out of nowhere and blows everyone away. In 2017, ‘The Last Night’ was that game.

The Last Night - Waking up in the best looking pixel art sci fi city you have ever seen
The Last Night – Waking up in the best looking pixel art sci fi city you have ever seen

If you’re a fan of Blade Runner style dystopia, or enjoyed getting lost in the classic and mysterious 1992 science fiction platformer ‘Flashback’, the chances are pretty high that this game is for you. ‘The Last Night’ follows a lower class citizen called ‘Charlie’ in a futuristic world where the rest of society is basking in an ‘era of leisure’ due to the maturation of technology and machines.

Flashback, 1992
Flashback, 1992

BUT LOOK AT THAT ART. Just look at it. The limited screens and trailer released so far boasts possibly the most stunning pixel art game aesthetic I’ve ever seen.

The Last Night - Crowd
The Last Night – Depth and mood

This is very much ‘hi-bit’ or ‘8 bitish’ territory. Pixel art sprites and scenery exist as 2D objects in a 3D space and depth, with 3D lighting effects. It’s great to come accross something so retro and pixel art inspired but so futuristic and fresh at the same time. The combination of 3D lighting, weather effects, neon, overwhelming enviromental attention to detail and beautiful pixel art is such a rich feast for the eyes. The result is an absolutely stunning 2.5 dimensional cinematic platformer.

The Last Night - On Car
The Last Night – From the looks of this clip there’s going to be some classic sci fi action sequences…. and FLYING CARS.

Information is pretty limited on this project right now but for now check out the videos below and get excited. We will be coming back for a good look at this game as soon as there is an update.

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